Product Series

  • SMT,EMS X-ray

    SMT,EMS X-ray

    It is applied to detect the welding defects of PCB board, SMT assembly, IC package, BGA, CSP, semiconductor and other electronic components (bridge, open circuit, virtual welding, cold welding, cavity, bubble), and the joint conditions of system LSI and other ultra-fine parts (wire break, continuous welding).

  • Die Casting x-ray

    Die Casting x-ray

    It is applied to the automatic detection of aluminum alloy die casting and turbine hub industry, and the internal flaw detection of metal devices, casting parts and precision devices, etc

  • Lithium Battery x-ray

    Lithium Battery x-ray

    It is used for testing aluminum shell power laminated battery, flexible package battery, cylinder battery and lithium battery in battery industry. The internal defects and effectiveness analysis of the battery were detected, and the positive and negative electrodes and internal structure of the battery were detected.

  • X-ray Component Counting Machine

    X-ray Component Counting Machine

    Automatic scan counting, one machine instead of 10 people, improve efficiency, save cost, calculation accuracy up to 99.9% integrated Barcode, MES, automatic marking machine and other functions.

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ELT Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 headquartered in Nevada USA. It is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and sales of X-ray, optical equipments and other testing instruments.  Our products include micro&nano focus X-ray tubes, X-ray image enhancers, X-ray non-destructive inspection instruments...


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X光射线的发现与发展为工业无损检测提供了新途径,它的出现也顺利的成为现代工业生产实现质量检测、质量控制、质量保证的一种手段。 如今,X光射线无损检测技术,已经在芯片、半导体、LED灯、铝铸件等无数产品进行应用,但是随着工业生产规模的不断扩大对X光机检测设备的要求也在不断提高。许多传统X光机拍片检测和实时成像离线式……



没有松风的秋,雁去长空。 没有飞雪的冬,咋暖还寒。 一夜高风凋碧树,凋不了青春不灭的火焰。 满地余寒凝露香,凝不住你绝美的容颜。 光阴荏……



CITE2020第八届中国电子信息博览会2020.8.14-8.16深圳会展中心艾兰特科技在9B519展位上 为大家带来了X射线无损检测的全方位展示 深圳市艾兰特科技有限公司是一家集研发、生产、销售为一体的国家级高新技术企业。自主产品有微米及纳米级X光管,X射线影像增强器、X-RAY无损透视检测仪。公司……

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