Soft pack battery online X-ray inspection equipment

Product category:Lithium Battery x-ray

Product model:MFX100LR


MFX100LR is mainly used in the battery industry. It is used for online or offline automatic detection of polymer soft pack batteries. It adopts X-ray transmission principle. Two sets of optical imaging systems collect images online, and automatically detect and correct the anode-anode height difference of the battery through software analysis. Judging and sorting, identifying good and bad products, and selecting and handling the defective products, and the good products are transported through the belt to the next process.


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  • X-ray Imaging

▼Application range:

▼Automatic detection of polymer soft pack batteries online or offline

▼ Product Features:

▼Incoming material and automatic production line online docking, convenient transmission movement

▼ Suitable for large-scale full inspection of square soft-pack polymer batteries or finished batteries

▼Automatic transmission, automatic picking, automatic detection and judgment, automatic sorting of defective products, and fully automated operation

▼High detection speed, the capacity can reach 30PPM

▼Applicable size: 2*20*30~12*100*150mm within any size soft package finished product / core battery test

▼ detection accuracy can reach ±0.05mm (continuous upgrade)

▼ can be customized according to customer needs, any part of the equipment body meets safety radiation standards

project modelMFX100LR
Light pipe Light pipe type Closed
Light pipe voltage 100KV
Light pipe current 0.2mA
Focus size 5um
cooling method Air cooled
Image detector Field of view 2Inch/4Inch(double field of view)
Resolution 110 Ip/cm(high resolution)
Applicable product type Soft package finished product, core battery
Maximum capacity 30PPM(non-stop upgradin)
Battery specification Battery length 30mm~150mm
Battery width 20mm~100mm
Battery thickness 2mm~10mm
effectiveness Utilization rate 99%
False positive rate 0.5%


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