• Business manager

    Job description: 

    1. Responsible for the company's product market development and customer communication; 

    2. Responsible for and assisting relevant departments to do pre-sale and after-sales service of the product; 

    3. Responsible for signing sales contracts with customers, urging the contract to be performed on schedule, and collecting sales payments; 4 .Complete the specified sales volume indicators, provide customers with proactive and enthusiastic services; 

    5. Feedback market information, product information and user opinions, and provide reference opinions on company marketing strategies, advertising, after-sales service, product improvement, new product development, etc. 

    Job requirements: 

    1. With college degree or above, major in mechanical design, electronics, mechatronics and other related majors. 

    2. More than one year of work experience 

    3. Strong language communication ability, coordination ability, strong sense of responsibility and professionalism. 

    4. Strong market development ability and team spirit.

  • Electrical engineer

    Job description: 

    1. Strictly abide by the company's production system to ensure safe production;

     2. Strictly follow the drawings and technical process requirements; 

    3. Complete the work tasks according to the production plan, on time, and with quality and quantity; 

    4. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior 

    Job requirements: 

    1. Have electrical design experience in equipment, familiar with electrical product design and will do manuals, understand the knowledge of fitter, and know stepping. 

    2. Responsible for PLC programming and debugging and electrical design of automation equipment (including electrical drawing and electrical component selection, etc.). 

    3. Observe the company's regulations and obey the work arrangement of the superior.

  • Marketing Specialist

    Job description: 

    1. Write promotion copy and produce various promotional materials; 

    2. Responsible for online promotion, Baidu promotion, official micro promotion and other business promotion; 

    3. Collect business consulting obtained through promotion and analyze it to improve promotion plan 

    4. Assist business departments to carry out business promotion work and assist other departments to carry out work; 

    5. Complete other affairs assigned by leaders. 

    Job requirements: 

    1. College and university English level 6 or above 

    2. Assist English translator to complete the company English-related work, coordinate internal departmental relations. 

    3. Able to independently handle English mail, familiar with office software, and have the ability to work as a copy editor. Good team spirit, those with relevant work experience are preferred.

  • Software Algorithm Engineer

    Job description: 

    1. Responsible for image positioning, segmentation, recognition algorithm research and implementation, design advanced algorithms, and be able to optimize the scene according to the characteristics of the business; 

    2. Image preprocessing (including edge positioning, image segmentation, image enhancement, etc.) 

    3 .Cooperate with the team to improve the usability, efficiency and scalability of the image application system; 

    4. Collect and research new technologies and algorithms in the industry to continuously improve the efficiency and accuracy of image recognition. 

    5. Optimization and improvement of existing algorithm codes; 

    Job requirements: 

    1. Bachelor degree or above, majors in computer technology, communication, electronics, measurement and control, automation, etc .; 

    2. Have solid basic knowledge of computer vision and image processing, familiar with Common algorithms such as noise, enhancement, image segmentation, and image registration;

  • Mechanical engineer

    Job description 

    1 According to the project requirements, complete the design and plan of the mechanical structure and mechanical components of non-standard automation equipment. 

    2 Estimate the design cost and manufacturing cost of non-standard equipment, and be responsible for the purchased components used in the selection equipment. 

    3 Drawing of non-standard equipment assembly drawings and part drawings, participating in quality tracking during product processing. 

    4 Cooperate with electrical engineers to complete the design and manufacture; provide technical guidance, coordination and communication during the commissioning of the production site. 

    5 Working experience in non-standard mechanical design, line design, and precision instruments is preferred. 

    Job requirements 

    1. Familiar with 2D / 3D drawing software such as AUTOCAD and Solidworks 

    2. Familiar with the design of mechanical parts and products

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