X-ray component counting machine DL-1000

Product category:X-ray Component Counting Machine

Product model:DL -1000


The DL-1000 is a fast, man-saving, man-made operation error, integrated with Barcode, MES, automatic marking machine, high reliability, superior performance, user-friendly design, and more convenient operation.


  • Pintroduction
  • Parameters
  • X-ray Imaging

▼ Product Features:

▼The world's first chip counting device using X-ray

▼ERP system docking

▼Using the conveyor belt to check the number of chips in real time, quickly and easily

▼Save labor costs and improve the efficiency of inventory management

▼ can check the number of various types of reel and chips

▼Automatic inspection of quantities from 180mm small general chip rolls to 380mm large multi-type chip rolls

▼The perfect conveyor belt for 2 kinds of Safetry lock devices

▼ Sealed environment without X-ray leakage

▼Design and production approved by the Agency for Nuclear Safety

project model:DL-1000
Specification name Performance parameter
X-RAY light pipe voltage  90KV
X-ray light tube current  0.15mA
physical dimension  900mm*850mm*1690 mm(length * width * height)
 Check tray size maximum∮380
 effectiveness ≤15s
Condition monitoring real time
Counting accuracy >99.999%
Check component  0402/0210/0105Component
Use environment 0-40℃
Radiation leakage 0.5usv/h


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